Aging in Place

I was going to title this blog Groundhog Day.  My husband and I finally watched the 1993 Bill Murray classic the other night.  I am sure most of you have seen it, so I won’t belabor the plot.  Bill Murray plays a jerk who lives the same day repeatedly (Groundhog Day) and finally through trial and error emerges as a good guy. It is one of those ‘pandemic appropriate’ movies because so many of us feel like our days are also on repeat.

I think this is even true for my friends who are still working, particularly those working from home.  They are on Zoom (or something similar) everyday all day.  The only thing that probably changes are the topics and the faces on the screen.

I try and and ground myself on what day it is on a daily basis. It is tougher this time of year because one rainy day is much like the next.

My clothing doesn’t change much and neither does my daily routine. I have certain chores that I do on certain days of the week so I can stay somewhat oriented.

Even though the days are on repeat, I’m doubtful that I am transforming ala Bill Murray in Groundhog Day (or Scrooged – similar character).  Here is a recent article from CNN about the pandemic lessons learned from the movie:

  1. Do the Right Thing – do good for those around you, right now
  2. It’s the Little Things – small things can be sources of profound joy
  3. Variety is the Spice of Life – anything different is good

One of my magazines talked about a ‘lockdown legacy’.  I’ve been thinking about my legacy as a result of the last year and think I probably fall short. 

I did start this blog (a legacy of sorts). I resumed knitting and am reading up a storm. I am a more consistent exerciser. I have done some decluttering and home repairs, but nothing that is legacy worthy.

There is one exception, we firmly believe our very old dog is hanging in there because we are home with her all the time and at her beck and call. 

So instead of a legacy, I am going to try to learn those 3 lessons – do the right thing, it’s the little things and variety as the spice of life – as I continue to ‘age in place’!

See you on Friday,



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