Not letting the old lady in

I definitely feel like I have AGED in place over the past 12 month..  And I don’t like that feeling!

I came across an article in Parade Magazine about James Brolin (age 80). He talked about how Clint Eastwood once said that when he gets up in the morning, ‘he never lets the old man in’. 

I get it: I have to fight this crap off. 

James Brolin

At 80, in addition to acting, Jim Brolin is a pilot, race car driver, equestrian, dog trainer and home designer. 

My closest brush with celebrity involved Jim Brolin.  When we lived in California, we frequently had dinner at a Ryan Ranch restaurant near Monterey.   One rainy night we were there and ‘Jim’ was sitting right behind me.  Our backs were to each other and our chairs were touching 😊.  This predates his marriage to Barbra.

And then we have Tom Brady and his 10th trip to the Super Bowl at age 43…and a win!

Now I am not a big fan of Clint or Tom Brady, but I am a fan of ‘not letting the old woman in’. 

That is easier said than done.  I think the pandemic has been challenging in that regard.  While I am trying to stay engaged at all levels I know I haven’t been totally successful.  It is just too easy to sit, postpone my exercise, watch too much tv, have another glass, and a second helping.

I came across this old blog with a reminder of the things we all know make us age faster:

  • Unhealthy eating
  • Alcohol
  • Stress
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Smoking
  • Sun Exposure
  • Lack of exercise

While I am not going to be a pilot or race car driver anytime soon, I can improve my eating habits, stick to one glass of wine and move lots more.

I am all for aging gracefully, but I don’t want to wake up in a post pandemic world feeling like an old lady!

See you on Wednesday.



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