Snow in the Northwest

As forecasted, snow made its annual debut this weekend. 

Snow in the Northwest isn’t a straightforward proposition.  While it is absolutely beautiful, it is fraught with pitfalls.

First of all, nobody is really invested in snow preparation or removal.  This lack of investment is on the part of government and with individuals. Governments don’t have the resources to invest much in a once-a-year event.  And many people don’t have a snow shovel or snow tires. And, trust me, hardly anybody has a clue how to drive in snow!  In our defense, our snow is wet, heavy and tends to be icy. Each shovel full of snow weighs 25 pounds!

Fortunately, this year our snow fell on Saturday and Sunday.  While some people had no choice but to get out in it, others could cocoon and enjoy the view without the hassle.

We were well prepared. Of course, we had plenty of food and wine on hand. I invested in a new ‘snowbound’ mystery to keep me entertained. I also stocked up on yarn which is a now a necessity.

My Montana chums are having a different experience right now.  It has been well below zero in many spots and my hometown clocked in at -50 with windchill. They don’t seem to have a lot of sympathy for our ‘big’ snowfall. 

I can remember those cold winters when I was growing up in Montana (see photo).  We all seemed to go outside regardless.  And we didn’t have the technical clothing we have today.  I remember woolen mittens being wet and frozen solid.  I could go on with walking to school in below zero weather, etc., but I will spare you.

I have to give a shout out to my Montana chums.  Even in the bitter cold, they are heading outside, while I am inside reading, knitting and watching the snow fall.

Here’s to warmer temperatures this week!

See you on Wednesday.



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