You Go Girl!

I came across the absolutely best article in a recent Seattle Times.  I know many of you can’t open the link, so I will do a quick summary.

A local woman, Fran Goldman, age 90, walked six miles through the snow this past weekend to get her first dose of COVID 19 vaccine.

She had been trying everything to get an appointment for vaccine.  When she was finally successful, she didn’t let a foot of snow deter her. 

Her appointment was for Sunday morning at 9:10. On Saturday, she woke up to our first snowfall and decided to plan ahead.  She got dressed and headed out for a dry run. 

She had a hip replacement last year, so used her walking sticks to make the trek.  She still drives, but apparently decided not to risk it in the snow.

She made it 2/3 of the way to the hospital and turned around knowing she had this one licked.

On the day of her appointment, she wore a short-sleeved shirt so the nurse could get to her arm and layered from there.  It was a challenging hike since more snow had fallen but she arrived at 9:15, only 5 minutes late.

Not only does Fran still drive, she is taking a Lifelong Learning Class about post World War II China on Zoom, orders food online and picks it up in her car.

The article had some great quotes from Fran’s daughter:

My mother isn’t going to let a little snow stop her from getting the vaccine.  She has the attitude that you don’t let a little adversity get in your way.

She is someone who looks for solutions, not problems.

Ruth Goldman

I love stories like these! 

As my first friend and I were talking about the article, she said, ‘that will be you and me!’ I’ve been worried about accelerated ‘aging in place’ during the pandemic, so I sincerely hope she is right and we both have a healthy dose of ‘Fran Goldman’ in us!

See you on Friday,



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