More than recycling

I have been thinking about climate change as we experienced one of the wettest Januarys on record and Texas is in a deep freeze.

Bill Gates was featured on 60 Minutes last Sunday.  He talked about the urgency of addressing climate change NOW and the complex road ahead. 

But the message is that issues like climate change need to be addressed on multiple levels.  My recycling isn’t going to do it, particularly since only 5-10% of recycled plastic actually gets recycled!

I imagine it can be done, but OMG!  And we have lost some valuable time.

This feels like such an overwhelming challenge and I started the search to see find some effective things we can do as individuals. There are a lot ideas out there, but this list resonated with me as practical and current.

This list includes:

  • Reduce your fossil fuel diet by eating less meat, wasting less food and water, driving and flying less, and using less plastic
  • Lead by example and put pressure on your family and peers
  • Form a daily reading habit to learn more about climate change – Bill Gates recommends Weather for Dummies
  • Get involved in politics, especially local
  • Practice compassion, listen and check your privilege

I also know that fashion makes a big contribution to climate change. I have always admired Eileen Fisher and she is leading in this area to reduce the impact of fashion. Here is a great article from a recent Vogue about her company’s efforts. She says the biggest thing we can do is reduce.  She talks about the 2 pairs of pants and five sweaters that are all she wears. 

If Eileen can do it, so can I (maybe?)!

See you on Monday.



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