Saturday mornings

My husband and I aren’t that big on eating dinners out, unless we are traveling. We do eat lunch out at times, but our all time favorite is going out for breakfast on Saturday mornings.

That has probably been one of the bigger challenges for us during the pandemic.  Breakfast ‘to go’ just doesn’t do the trick.  We like to be served, drink gallons of coffee and leisurely eat our favorite breakfast treats.

We aren’t all that picky about where we have our breakfast.  That being said, our all time favorite spot is Etta’s in Seattle near the Pike Place Market.  My husband would never consider ordering anything but their crab eggs benedict (pictured above).  It is probably one of his all-time favorite treats.  I tend to branch out a little more, but their French toast is sublime.  We even have our favorite server, Dee. 

Etta’s has been closed since March 2020.  It is one of Tom Douglas’ restaurants and I am not feeling super optimistic about a reopening anytime soon.  My husband hates it when I say that (☹).  And we are both worried about Dee and the rest of the staff.  It is hard to imagine the hospitality industry in Seattle being anything but a shadow of its former self for a long time to come.

In the meantime, my husband has had to be content with a breakfast burrito to go from Metropolitan Market.  While they aren’t bad, they definitely fall far short in comparison to crab eggs benedict. 

And sitting in our car, eating a burrito in the cold, isn’t the same as lots of coffee, great breakfast food, our favorite servers at our favorite spots.

As I write this, 500,000 Americans have lost their lives due to COVID.  So this seems like a rather trivial thing to grouse about in the scheme of things.  But it is another loss to add to the growing mix.

See you on Friday,



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