Dose #2, Now What?

As my mother would say, “God Lord willin and the creek don’t rise” my husband and I will receive COVID 19 vaccine dose # 2 Sunday morning at 11 AM.

Now what?

I have been thinking about how our lives might or might not change once we are fully vaccinated and the two weeks needed for full immunity have gone by.

Things that probably won’t change for now:

  • Still double masking indoors and outdoors when crowded
  • Limited to no gathering indoors with people who aren’t vaccinated – which is pretty much everybody
  • No in studio yoga – even vaccinated and masked, it still feels too risky
  • Probably still no travel to visit our unvaccinated family and friends
  • Hugs will still be limited to my husband and fully vaccinated family and friends – watch out!

Things that might change:

  • Worrying so much about when I go to the grocery store to avoid crowds
  • Indoor dining – this is still a question mark and would be limited and need to meet my many criteria (spaced tables, good ventilation, masks when not eating, etc.)
  • Travel – we are still uncertain about this, but we do have some family and friends who are getting vaccinated. Air travel still feels pretty risky, but we will see

I found this article in Huff Post about the post vaccine life. It seems scientifically accurate and is sobering. Getting vaccinated does not equate to a ‘get out of jail free’ card! 

But even with all of that, we are very grateful that we will now have very good odds that we won’t become seriously ill, hospitalized or die from COVID 19.

Otherwise, life won’t really change for us until more people are vaccinated – yay, Johnson and Johnson. I am so glad another safe and effective vaccine is being added to the mix and one that only requires a single dose at that!

And since the fun never seems to end with this pandemic, we still have the new variants emerging (that seem to elude the vaccines) to worry about (☹)!

On a totally unrelated note, we just watched I Care A Lot on Netflix. It was totally entertaining!

I will be back on Monday, hopefully fully vaccinated.



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