Gap Year

We received our second dose of COVID 19 vaccine yesterday and are ‘fully vaccinated’.  I got emotional.  It has been quite a year!

Speaking of this past year, I was perusing March’s edition of Town and Country magazine and came across an article called School Interrupted’ – the latest Covid side effect: Gap Years making a comeback.  

Gap years, the practice of putting off college for year to ‘experience life’, isn’t anything new.  But it is currently back in favor as kids want to leave the nest for a bit but aren’t that interested in college via remote classes.  According to the article, there is a 300% increase in gap year students among incoming freshman at the University of Pennsylvania.

It made me think that many of us are also taking an involuntary ‘gap year’ and experiencing life in ways we hadn’t imagined.

I know that I had big plans for 2020!  I don’t actually remember what all those plans were at this point (😊).  But I do know that I planned a road trip in Montana with my chum and my husband and I had Italy in our sights for fall 2020. I was also counting on my annual train trip to Portland with my former work mates. 

So, for me March 2020 – March 2021 has been my ‘gap year’.  I have experienced life in new ways and at a much slower pace.  I have taken up blogging, found a new passion in knitting and have indulged (without guilt) in my love of books.  And who knew Zoom would be a frequently used verb! I now use Zoom to connect to my chums in ways that I wouldn’t have imagined back in early 2020.

I hope by mid-March I might be slowly emerging from my ‘gap year’.  I know it won’t happen overnight.  But I want to at least dip my toe back into indoor dining, travel, and seeing friends and family without the help of a computer screen!

Now if those variants will just behave!

I will be back on Wednesday,



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