So Much Less Young

I did some guru ‘pruning’ awhile back.  I am one who dabbles in many different gurus and have the books to prove it! 

A year or so ago, I said ‘enough’.  So many of the gurus have similar messages and I decided that I wanted to stick with just a few.  Anne Lamott easily makes or even tops that list.  I am a late bloomer when it comes to her work.  The first book of hers that captured my fancy was Help, Thanks, Wow – the three essential prayers.  It was published in late 2012. I have feasted on her work ever since. 

One of my dear chums (thanks, MC), discovered a virtual event hosted by the Dallas Museum of Art and clued me in.  It featured Anne in a conversation with Priya Parker, author of The Art of Gathering: How We Meet and Why it Matters.  The purpose of the event was to showcase Anne’s new book, Dusk Night Dawn on Revival and Courage, which was released earlier this week.

There were so many wonderful quotes from the talk, so I will just share a few:

  • ‘I am so much less young; I am in the third third of my life’
  • ‘Feeling lost as a way home’
  • ‘I’m a black belt co-dependent’
  • ‘Have something from someone you lost; crying bathes and hydrates you’
  • ‘I have the disease of ‘good ideas for other people’ (guilty)
  • ‘Shame is the most toxic emotion’
  • ‘If you are going to be a Christian of forgiveness, maybe you don’t start with the Gestapo’

Part of the perk from last night’s event is a copy of the new book.  I am excited for it to arrive and am sure I will be back with more of her wisdom in a future blog.

In previous books and again last night, Anne talks about the importance of radical self-care.  I think that is good advice as we roll into the weekend and have rounded the one-year corner on the pandemic.

I’ll be back on Monday.



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