The Usual

I was talking to my husband on Sunday morning and asked him what his plans were for the day.  He responded, “the usual”.

We went to Seattle yesterday.  We had a fabulous breakfast at Ettas.  My husband had crab eggs benedict and I had their special Pike Place scramble.  When we were done, we took a stroll through the Market to see the spring flowers and stopped at La Panier for some dinner bread, treats and baguette sandwiches.  When we were done, we walked downtown to check out the latest spring merchandise at Nordstrom.  On our way home, we stopped by Mutual Fish to pick up some Dungeness crab for dinner. 

Last night we savored our crab and then watched a film noir on TV.

Today we are going to a movie at Grand Cinema in Tacoma.  We want to check out one of the Golden Globe nominees and we love the popcorn at the Grand.  After the movie, we walked next door to Corinna bakery to pick up some frittatas for the week ahead and a slice of cheesecake for later.

The ‘Usual’ in the Before Times

What did we REALLY do this weekend?

Well, we went to Metropolitan Market and got a breakfast burrito again to eat in the car again.  They also had fresh Dungeness crab, so that was a plus.  I took a walk again. And we did watch a film noir on Saturday night.

Sunday involved a walk again, tax prep, and a trip to Total Wine.

I kind of envy my friends who are passionate about skiing, gardening, or golfing.  And my husband is passionate about fishing. Those activities can be modified to be ‘pandemic friendly’ and they take up a chunk of time and energy!

I have a lot of interests, but none really rise to the ‘passionate about’ level so they don’t take up quite the same amount of space as the pandemic wears on….and on….and on.

See you on Wednesday!



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