Oh, What a Year!

The COVID 19 pandemic was declared last March 11th.  And what a year it has been!  Back then, who would have ever imagined that over a half a million Americans would die from COVID 19 and that our overall life expectancy would have decreased by a full year! And that many schools would still be closed and so many people would still be suffering.

There has been a lot of reflections in the press about this one year ‘anniversary’. 

Lester Holt, NBC Evening News, asked us to look at the last photo we took before the pandemic.  I take a lot of photos, so I took that challenge on.  My last photo, pictured above, was taken on 2/26/20.  It is looking down on this cool pool from my friend’s condo on Maui.  We had a magical time there and it seems like a lifetime ago!

It feels good to be turning the corner.  We have three safe and effective vaccines that are rolling out in ever increasing amounts.  And with vaccines, masks, physical distancing, and handwashing, we can somewhat emerge from our pandemic caves.  Of course, this all depends on keeping those pesky variants at bay! 

It also means that it is too soon to declare the pandemic over.  It makes me cross when elected officials lift mask mandates and fully open businesses.  We are too close to the finish line and those actions can jeopardize our recovery.  Hopefully, the newly passed American Rescue Plan will help tide people and businesses over for just a little bit longer. 

So please get vaccinated as soon as you can and continue to wear your mask and do all the other smart stuff to protect yourself and others. 

‘This pandemic has made us realize the amount of things we take for granted in life, not to mention life itself.’


I’ll be back on Monday.



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