Spring Forward!

My husband and I have an extra ‘spring in our step’ as we move into Daylight Savings Time.  As of Sunday, we are fully vaccinated.  It has been a full 2 weeks since our last dose of COVID 19 vaccine.

I am down with Daylight Savings Time as are most of the people who live on the West Coast.  WA, ID, OR and CA have all passed legislation making Daylight Savings Time permanent.  In the remote possibility that Congress passes legislation to the effect, British Columbia will join the party. I don’t like changing back and forth and much prefer it lighter in the evenings.

But back to being fully vaccinated.  It does feel like a new ‘spring forward’ of sorts. I was thinking about what will be different. We will still be wearing masks, avoiding crowds and keeping our hands clean. 

I think what already feels different can be summed up in a 4-letter word: FEAR!

When COVID 19 first hit in early 2020, I was pretty terrified.  I am high risk and a COVID 19 infection would have likely resulted in hospitalization and possibly death.

We didn’t know much about the bug and weren’t very skilled at figuring out how to prevent infection or treat the disease.  As time went by, we learned a lot and with masks (now double masking) pretty ubiquitous, the fear began to subside for me and we learned to manage risk.  But the fear never really went completely away.

Fear is still in the mix, even with a safe and effective vaccine.  We know vaccines aren’t perfect and the emergent variants are worrying. But fear is now much more part of the background noise and I am feeling much more comfortable being out and about. 

We will still be cautious, unlike the grandma pictured above, but I think some fun might be in order. But masks and crowd avoidance will be in the mix for a long time to come!

You don’t spike the ball on the five yard line!

Anthony Fauci, MD

I’ll be back on Wednesday,



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