Letter Writing

How bad can a post be that features a picture of George Clooney?  I ask you!

What does George have to do with letter writing?  It is simple; he is a letter writer! 

I came across an article about him in a recent edition of AARP Magazine.  It is a great piece, but the part that interested me the most was that he writes letters, by hand, lots of them.  He writes them to his wife and to his kids.

I ‘m a big believer in letters.

George Clooney

Earlier in the pandemic, I was at the Post Office.  A woman at the next window was buying a lot of stamps.  She told the postal worker that, since the shutdown, she has shifted to letter writing and sending cards.  She talked about how it seems to fit with the overall slowing of things.

My first friend primarily communicates with her older sister through handwritten letters.  I think that is cool.  You can go back for a re-read and it feels much closer that re-reading an email.  Note, I rarely re-read emails!

I used to be a letter writer.  Most of us were who are in ‘my generation’.  Long distance calls were expensive and saved for big deal events.  The only way to stay in touch was through letters.  I still have letters from my childhood and they are treasures. 

I was raised by a mother who put an extremely high value on written thank you notes.  I couldn’t go to bed on Christmas night until I had written thank you notes for all my gifts.  Those thank you notes were posted December 26th, without fail.  Our daughter happens to be a very good thank you note writer.

I no longer write letters and I rarely send written thank you notes.  I stay in touch via text and thank you notes have been relegated to a text with a photo. 

Note that George shuns the internet and doesn’t do social media.

I don’t plan on giving up technology anytime soon.  But, that being said, who doesn’t like to have a hand written letter from a dear family member or friend waiting for them in the mailbox?

It’s funny; in this era of e-mail and voicemail and all those things that even I did not grow up with, a plain old paper letter takes on amazing intimacy.

Elizabeth Kostova, the Swan Thieves

I’ll be back on Friday,



2 thoughts on “Letter Writing

  1. I also was brought up to write thank you notes. It’s something I do quickly. I must admit, I’m not much of a letter writer. In the era of texts, email etc., it’s gotten even less frequent. An alternative that I view as more doable for me is to send cards.

    Tom and I got our second vaccine yesterday. My arm is very sore but so far no other notable reactions for both of us.

    Have a great day!


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