Little Kidneys

I was re-reading one of the French Women books the other day.  Author Mireille uses the term, petits riens, which means little nothings that bring pleasure to life. When I looked it up on Google translate, I inadvertently spelled riens, reins, which means ‘little kidneys’.  Who knew what a difference transcribing a letter could make in French!

I also came across this blog post where the author describes her 8 Simple Pleasures to Enjoy After (or before) Age 60.  I am totally with her about a trip to Trader Joes.

Both of these inspired me to create my own list of simple and essential pleasures.  In addition to TJ’s,, my list includes:

  1. A tea latte made with soy and a piece of toast with organic butter in the morning
  2. Wine (organic) @ 5 with my husband
  3. Grayling stud earrings in aurora borealis (no longer available) and my Allbirds shoes
  4. A mystery book and a mystery on TV (Acorn, PBS, Amazon Prime, or Netflix – I’m not picky)
  5. A knitting project
  6. A Zoom date with friends
  7. A walk outside (providing it isn’t too cold, windy, or rainy)
  8. A card or letter waiting for me in the mail
  9. A Pentel Energel pen and a Paper Mate Sharpwriter #2 pencil
  10. A trip in the offing to see family or friends, or a jaunt to Europe in the works
  11. Blogging

As I came up with this list, two things struck me.  The first is that, except for #10, all of these simple and essential pleasures are doable even in a pandemic.  The second is that any diet that doesn’t include a soy latte, toast with butter and wine @ 5 is a non-starter!

When it comes to our petits riens we don’t need to know exactly what they add to the fullness of our experience; we need only to be open to the possibility that seeming trivialities may play a significant role in how we feel overall.

Mirelle Guiliano, French Women for All Seasons

What are your petis riens?

I will be back on Wednesday.



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