Health, Safety, and a Best Friend

My chums and I are reading Beartown by the Swedish author, Fredrik Backman.  We all really like it and I am amazed that the author is only in his 30’s! He wrote A Man Called Ove when he was 31.  His books are well worth reading and the characters are all ‘characters’!

In Beartown, one of the moms, Kira, talks about the 3 things she wishes/hopes for her children: health, safety, and a best friend. 

These 3 simple wishes resonated with me.  In hindsight, those are the hopes I had for the daughters and now for our grandchildren.

While my family wasn’t well off by any means, I grew up healthy, safe and with a best friend.  I shared this with my first friend and we agreed we were fortunate that all three were true for us growing up.

I never had any major health issues as a child. I felt safe at home and played outside without any worries.  And I have been, and still am, blessed with amazing friends through the years (many are pictured above).

It is sad and frustrating that so many children aren’t as fortunate. Kids get cancer and other diseases, they aren’t safe at home or outside the home, and many feel isolated, lonely and are bullied.

In Beartown, all of Kira’s wishes/hopes for her children also didn’t come true.  But her daughter, Maya, has a best friend that is quirky, fierce, loyal, and trustworthy.  And that friendship turns out to be what is most important for Maya.

I recently re-read Alexandra Stoddard’s book, You are Your Choices: 50 Ways to Live the Good Life.  She suggests that you ‘Surround Yourself with People You Can Trust’ and to make trust a foundation for all your choices. Trust in good people carries you through, but she reminds us that you don’t have to bring everyone into your inner circle.

Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.


See you on Wednesday



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