Re-entry Ambivalence

WA State is having its 4th wave of COVID-19.  It is being fueled by young people who are not vaccinated.  The bad news is that hospitalizations are also up; the good news is that deaths aren’t (YET)!

So, what does that mean for us?  While we need to be careful, we are fully vaccinated so can somewhat safely move about the country.  We have no problem wearing masks for the duration.

I’m just not quite ready for the full meal deal yet. 

I’ve been thinking about life post COVID 19 and what it might look like for us. 

My working friends will be going back to the office in some capacity this summer.  Most of them have been working remotely for over a year.  That will be quite a re-entry for them.  But I am retired, so that BIG return to the workplace doesn’t apply.

We have a local overnighter planned in early May and I have my first flight scheduled for later in May.  I hope to be able to attend my 50th class reunion in September and our trip to Italy is still on the books for later September.  We continue to be hopeful that the Canadian border will open soon (not bloody likely!).

Other than some travel and restaurant meals, my post COVID 19 life will likely look much like my COVID life.  I do want to see family and friends more frequently and that will be possible as we all get vaccinated.

But on a daily basis, I will still be exercising outdoors, knitting, napping, spending time with my husband, taking care of our old dog, blogging, watching mysteries on TV, and reading mysteries.  I think Zooming will continue to be a deal because I don’t live near many of my friends.

In some ways, emerging from the pandemic reminds me of how I felt after I finished my cancer treatment.  I was excited to put that time in my rearview mirror in many ways.  But in other ways, that treatment time out gave me a necessary pause. 

COVID has had a similar effect.  I think/hope that the lessons learned from this past year (such as slowing down, enjoying nature, being more mindful and more selective about how to spend my time), will stick with me. 

Unfortunately, like many of us, I can have a short memory!

Yesterday is but today’s memory, and tomorrow is today’s dream.

Khalil Gibran

Enjoy your weekend, keep wearing your mask and I will be back on Monday!



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