Cinema time?

I am a film buff and always look forward to the awards shows.  In the before times, my husband and I would see most, if not all, of the nominated movies in the theater.

I had coffee with one of my chums Sunday at Corinna Bakery.  We are both film buffs and the bakery is right next door to the Grand Cinema.  I couldn’t help but wish that we were having a coffee and then going to one of the nominated movies.  

My husband and I particularly love going to films at the Grand.  It is a ‘nonprofit art house cinema’ in an older part of Tacoma. Since we both retired, we have been weekly patrons.  Their popcorn is the best in town!  As happened with most theaters, the Grand closed temporarily.  Temporarily = over a year. 

I just don’t love watching the big movies at home.  This year, we have watched 1 ½ Academy Award nominees.  We tried to watch Mank and made it halfway.  I found it pretty boring and hard to follow. We had better luck with Minari.  We both loved it and it is on our highly recommended list.  The little boy totally stole my heart and the grandmother won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.

And there you have it. Of the 8 nominated movies, we have watched 1 ½ so far.

The Grand is reopening on Friday at 25% capacity.  Since we are fully vaccinated, we are going to dip our toe back into the water and go to a matinee on Saturday.  I just got tickets for Nomadland, best picture winner. As Frances McDormand said, see this movie on the biggest screen you can. So we are doing just that.

Due to increasing COVID 19 infections in Pierce County, the governor may order all activities in our county back to Phase 1.  In Phase 1, all indoor theaters will again close. His next evaluation will be on May 3rd, so if we want to go to any indoor movie, we better use our tickets on Saturday!

A visit to a cinema is a little outing in itself.  It breaks the monotony of an afternoon or evening; it gives a change from the surroundings of home, however pleasant.

Ivor Novello

I will be back on Wednesday,



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