Proof of Life

My mystery book club is catching up on the J.P. Beaumont series by J.A. Jance (age 76).  The first one was published in the mid 80’s. The series is set in Seattle.  The author does a great job capturing the Seattle scene and its evolution over the last 30+ years

J.P. is a retired Seattle homicide cop. The character is now 72, has had bilateral knee replacements, but is definitely still in the crime solving game. At the end of our recent book, Proof of Life, he decides to become a licensed PI.

Leaving the world of fiction, there is a fair amount of ‘proof of life’ in my world:

  • My husband’s friend, Chris, is 74.  He still works as a HOSPITAL pharmacist one day a month to ‘keep his skills up’.  We looked him up when we were in Port Angeles last week.  He was the only pharmacist on site that day and answering the pharmacy phone to boot.
  • I’ve told you about my friend, Jean, before.  She went skiing on her 68th birthday.  She taught school for a number of years and then sort of retired.  She worked retail for awhile and then went back to teaching fulltime until the pandemic.  She has been substitute teaching since schools reopened.  She got her Moderna vaccine and was worried about the side effects from the second dose since she was teaching  kindergarten the next day and didn’t want to be sick.  She hasn’t taken a sick day in over 40 years and the day after her 2nd dose was no exception.
  • Then there is my friend, Jane.  We worked together and formed a strong friendship in the process. She retired due to her long commute and the need to care for her aging parents.  She recently jumped back in as a COVID 19 contact tracer and has been promoted to a case investigator . The local health department is lucky to have her!
  • I have a fabulous friend in CA, Jody.  She has worked for local government and most recently for a non-profit in the Bay Area.  When she retired, she and her husband started a new business, Aum Sacred Art.  They sell beautifully made artisan items and a portion of their profits go to support three organizations that support women and children.  I am wearing one of their beautiful necklaces in the photo above.

I am closing with the Proof of Life Rockstar, Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi.  She is 81 and has served in the House since 1987.  How cool was it to see her and V.P. Harris sitting behind President Biden when he did his recent address to Congress?!

My first friend and I still color our hair.  We were talking about whether or not we should continue and decided if Nancy does, so can we (for the next few decades, at least)!

See you on Friday,



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