FVF Slumber Party

I took my first flight in 14 months from Seattle to Missoula yesterday. I used to be a fearful flyer. I’m not anymore, but I was anxious. When I got to the airport, all went well……until I got on the plane. There were mechanical problem and we had to change planes. We got in about 45 minutes late. All went well from that point.

My FVF (fully vaccinated friends) picked me up and it was a great day! We talked up a storm and took a walk along a roaring Rattlesnake Creek. Then we opened up some prosecco and continued to catch up over dinner.

It is so nice to be able to hug each other and be mask free when appropriate. Mask wearing is hit and miss, but some people are still wearing them. There is no mask mandate in Missoula County.

Check out my Rattlesnake Creek photos on my travelswithallene Instagram.

We leave for Great Falls tomorrow and will meet up with some other friends. I will have lots more to report! The weather is taking a nose dive with a high of 38 degrees! That will be a shock to the system!

More to come on Friday.



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