Great Falls

i just enjoyed a brief stint in my hometown.

Great Falls, Montana was a great place to grow up. My husband and friends agree.

Great Falls has had some hard times since the Smelter closed in the early 80’s. The Smelter provided living wage jobs that allowed people to purchase homes and send their kids to college. No business has replaced that, like many communities that lost industries.

Despite the Smelter closing, we have a number of family and friends who still live there and have made a nice life for themselves.

Great Falls is enjoying a renaissance of sorts.

Lots of people are moving into Montana. Bozeman and Missoula have already boomed so out of staters are discovering other parts of Montana, including Great Falls.

According to my Montana friends, these changes are inevitable. But people are sad because it is changing the character of the state and making it tough for Montana kids to gain a foothold as young adults. With property values increasing, it is difficult for them to buy a home and raise a family.

Whenever we go back, which is infrequent these days, we try to visit the old haunts. This trip was no exception. We went by my old house, grade school, junior high, and high school. We also drove past the City Bar, one of my hangouts. All are pictured above.

We capped off our trip with dinner at Borries. Borries is in Black Eagle, across the Missouri River from Great Falls. It was opened in 1938 and is still owned by the same family. My dad used to take me there as a child. We met three long time Great Falls friends there for dinner. We all ordered half and half – spaghetti and homemade ravioli with Borries special sauce. We’ve ordered the same thing for 50 years!

Borries with friends was a perfect ending to a walk down memory lane!

See you on Monday.



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