Butte, America

My claim to fame is that my dad was born in Butte, Montana on St. Patrick’s Day in 1898.

I haven’t been to Butte in decades. My chum and I recently stopped there for a 24 hour visit. Our goal was to find out more about my dad’s early years. Unfortunately, the archives were closed, but we found a very helpful librarian who is going to see what she can find on my behalf.

For those of you not familiar with Butte, it was known as the ‘richest hill on earth’ for their copper. It was loaded with mines in its heyday. It was once the largest city between Chicago and San Francisco. Those days are gone. Due to the impacts of mining on the environment, part of the area is now the largest Super fund site in the U.S.

We had a great time roaming around. We took a walk on Montana’s Copperway. We drove around and looked at all the old buildings Uptown.

Uptown is a National Historic Landmark District. Some of the buildings have been restored, others have a long way to go!

On the food front, we had the famous pork chop John’s sandwich at their original spot on Mercury. We also found the Front Street Market, the largest Italian market in the Northwest. It was amazing and my husband would love it! We also had a great breakfast at the Park and Main diner.

Check out my Butte photos on my travelswithallene Instagram.

This brings me to the people in Butte.

Montanans are generally friendly. Butte is an exception. The people in Butte are amazingly friendly. They have great pride of place. My dad loved Butte all his life. People living in Butte in 2021 seem to feel the same way!

I will be back on Wednesday with more travel stories.



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