‘Before Times’ Carry Forward?

My husband went fishing with a pal on Thursday.  During the ‘before times’ (pre-COVID-19), I would often use my free time to do some leisurely shopping.  I thought about taking a run to Bellevue Square (my favorite shopping destination) but couldn’t muster the energy or the interest.

I read this post the other day.  

The author talks about the subtractions she has taken with COVID-19 and has no intention of resuming in the ‘after times’.  Her list includes shopping trips, running errands just because she needed something, social events she never enjoyed, uncomfortable clothing (!), comparing herself to others, having opinions, and thinking she can change the world’s problems.

As I’ve spent tons more time at home and have been forced to adjust, I see that I have subtracted some habits and practices in my life. And those have been positive subtractions.

Debbie Hensleigh

I don’t think we are solidly in the COVID -19 ‘after times’, but there are things I used to do that I am not sure I want to carry forward.

Shopping trips as a pastime is probably one of them.  I am also trying to limit my frequent errand running. 

Being less judgmental is a constant challenge for me, but a worthwhile goal. 

I am totally down with her plan to ditch uncomfortable clothing.  Thank heavens for my vast Lands End tee shirt wardrobe!

I definitely plan on continuing 2 of my ‘COVID times’ activities this summer – reading and hanging out on my front porch!

Have a good weekend and I will be back on Monday.



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