Too bad, so sad

First of all, I don’t wish COVID 19 on ANYONE!

My husband follows professional golf and the big news on Saturday was that Jon Rahm, the # 3 golfer in the world, tested positive for COVID-19.  He had been exposed to someone and was undergoing frequent testing.  He had a SIX shot lead, but his number came up regardless.  He had to withdraw from the tournament and go into isolation per the PGA protocols. He had to walk away from the possibility of winning $1.6 million!

Rahm is Spanish and I thought maybe he lived in Spain and didn’t have ready access to COVID 19 vaccine.  No, he lives in Scottsdale.  He is also married and had his first child this April. 

No one is commenting on his vaccination status.  I am going out on a limb here and saying it is likely that he was NOT vaccinated.  I can’t find the citation for this, but I heard that only 50% of the PGA players are vaccinated. The PGA rules say that vaccinated players don’t have to be tested, so the fact that he was being tested…….

Fortunately, he is asymptomatic at this point.  My other hope is that he doesn’t infect his newly postpartum wife and their new baby. 

This all sits poorly with me!  Was he afraid that a sore arm for a few days was going to affect his golf swing? 

I have no idea what his thinking was (if in fact he wasn’t vaccinated). 

But a sore arm is a small price to pay for the possibility of winning $1.6 million and keeping his family safe!

This could be a teachable moment. I can only hope that his experience is the catalyst needed for the 50% of unvaccinated players to roll up their sleeves and that it might inspire their unvaccinated fans, as well.

I am closing with a shout out to our 14 year old grandson who got his first dose of Pfizer vaccine last week and to our granddaughters who got dose 2 yesterday!

See you on Wednesday. Allene


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