So a girl walked into a drugstore…..

The NYT Coronavirus Briefing on Monday asked readers to share:

We’re looking for the moments when you realized that something changed, and that life was returning to something resembling normal.

New York Times, June 7, 2021

My moment is so banal that it is hardly worth sharing. 

I had an errand at Rite Aid Drugstore last weekend.  I had my mask in my pocket.  I walked into the store maskless and didn’t even enter my mind to put my mask on. I saw two employees wearing masks and I realized I didn’t have my mask on!  I apologized profusely and told them I was fully vaccinated.  They reassured me that I was fine not wearing a mask.

Mask wearing is still commonplace in my neck of the woods, regardless of vaccination status.  Stores have quickly lifted their mask mandates in most cases. While I am no longer fearful of COVID 19, I am fine staying masked until more people are vaccinated. 

I was an early adopter to mask wearing and I have the collection to prove it.  Wearing a mask became second nature and I didn’t give it a second thought. After 15 months of putting a mask on every time I went indoors, I was struck by how quickly not wearing a mask felt completely normal.

Washington State will be fully reopening statewide on June 30th. The full reopening could happen earlier than June 30 if 70% or more of Washingtonians over the age of 16 initiate vaccination. Current state data shows the state at almost 64% (although CDC shows WA at 70%). So, we are there or at least getting close.

Like most states, WA no longer requires masks indoors for fully vaccinated people, with the exception of King County (Seattle).

King County Health Officer Dr. Jeff Duchin has issued a Local Health Officer Directive that strongly urges residents to continue wearing a face mask in indoor public settings, whether or not they are vaccinated. Public Health – Seattle & King County recommends that businesses who serve the public continue policies to ensure customers and employees wear masks indoors.

May 20, 2021

So, until Dr. Duchin rescinds this directive, I am going to stay in the habit of popping my mask on when I go indoors.  I am going to consider my trip to Rite Aid an aberration. It is just not a big deal to me to wear a mask indoors!

See you on Friday



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