I had two IRL (in real life) experiences this week and both were noteworthy – in my opinion.

First, I met up with my longtime work chums for cocktails, snacks, and dinner.  This is the crew I go to Portland with each year.  In fact, the last time we spent IRL time together was a trip to Portland November 2019 – just before the pandemic.  We take the train (while enjoying Bloody Mary’s), have lunch at our favorite French restaurant, do a little jewelry shopping at Grayling Jewelry on Alberta Street, hang out in the Pearl District and always work in a leisurely hour+ at Powell’s Bookstore.  On our trip home, we sample some Moonstruck chocolate, courtesy of my daughter, and find something to drink.  We made this an annual event for 3+ years!

We haven’t all been together in IRL for 19 months.  Was it awkward? 

Heck no!  We have known each other for over 10 years and have had each other’s back through the highs and lows of work….and life.  We truly didn’t miss a beat and are planning a shopping trip to University Village this summer.  Bring it on!

My next IRL experience was an in-person yoga class at my yoga studio.  I tried ZOOM yoga at the beginning of the pandemic and it didn’t take.  I signed up for a 6-week gentle yoga class with an emphasis on self-care.  Self-care is one of my summer themes so the class is timely. There were 4 of us in the room and the rest participated via ZOOM.   We are a fairly well vaccinated community, but I still wouldn’t feel comfortable hitting the mat in the studio if I wasn’t vaccinated. 

My work chums have had a hell of a year, actually more than a year!  The pressure has been unrelenting and the thanks few and far between.  I think it was good for them to finally get together and spend some time nurturing their longstanding friendship. 

My yoga teacher says she thinks the next Superpower needs to be Gentleness.  I think she is on to something!

Have a good weekend and I will be back on Monday.



One thought on “IRL

  1. I love the pictures you paint, Allene. I love the themes of nurturing friendships, support, self-care and gentleness.


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