Get out of jail free card?

So we are fully vaccinated and want to go ahead with our Italian travel plans this fall.  We are finding that being vaccinated is far from a ‘get out of jail free card’ when it comes to European travel. Not so fast!

We have rescheduled our trip to Italy 3 times.  We were first scheduled to go in May of 2020.  Needless to say, that didn’t happen.  Fall 2020 – no. Spring 2021 – no.  Now we are scheduled for late September 2021.

We had planned to fly nonstop from Seattle to Amsterdam and take a short flight from there to Genoa.  We were then going to rent a car and spend some quality time in our favorite apartment in Sestri Levante.  On our way back, we planned on flying out of Genoa through Amsterdam to London and spending a few days there before heading back to Seattle.  

It was a complicated itinerary, even without COVID -19, but we thought we could probably swing it.  Now, yikes!  I don’t think there is anyway we can manage the logistics and testing necessary to pull it off.

As of now, testing rules the day for international travel.  Vaccination status helps but isn’t a ‘stand-alone’. And the rules are changing frequently, so it is tough to seal any deal now and expect it to work at travel time.

We are only 90 days out now, so have gone back to the drawing board.  We are now trying to figure out how to navigate a ‘COVID free’ flight into Italy, with no side trip to London.  If we take a ‘COVID free’ flight, then we don’t need to quarantine when we arrive in Italy.

If we do that, It is a long journey into night to fly to JFK and then onto Milan.  Here is a link to the Delta site with the COVID free requirements.  To be eligible, we will need to be tested here before we leave and on arrival in Italy.  We live in fear of a false positive test somewhere along the path! And it is considerably more expensive than our original itinerary that included London.

So do we go ahead with our original plans? Do a COVID free flight plan? Or do we bite the bullet and reschedule/cancel?

There is a reason Rick Steves is waiting until 2022 for his European travel!

C’mon Canada, open your border to fully vaccinated travelers!

See you on Monday.



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