A Speeding Ticket of Life

I was zooming with one of my chums on Tuesday.  She and her husband just returned from England.  She told me about the costly COVID – 19 testing process they went through here and in the U.K. and the fairly aggressive quarantine oversight they experienced when they first arrived there.  Her husband called these some of the ‘speeding tickets of life’.  I like that sentiment!

When I told our Italian friends (pictured above at Easter) that we were postponing our trip, she responded with:

It is a pity that you have postponed your trip to Italy. Now Italy is doing quite well and we really hope that the worst is done and that we don’t have another winter like last one.


Both she and her husband are fully vaccinated, as is their family. Their daughter and her family live in London.  They haven’t seen them in over a year!  They are hopeful that they will be able to gather this summer.

Right after we decided to postpone our trip to 2022, Italy changed the rules so U.S. travelers with proof of vaccination don’t need to be tested or quarantine.

So, we have decided to go ahead with our Italian trip this fall as planned, at least for now.  We have a stopover in London scheduled on our way home.  That part may need to change, but we don’t know yet because we ‘don’t have a crystal ball’. And the rules could change many times between now and late September.

These are some of the champagne problems trying to travel internationally during a pandemic.  But I think we are just going to consider these just the ‘speeding tickets of life’ for now and go ahead with our travel plans.

Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone.

Pablo Picasso




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