Do you have AC?

That is the question everywhere as Seattle braces for a record June heatwave.  Temperatures in the triple digits are in the forecast for Sunday and Monday.  And we won’t be benefitting from our usual nighttime coastal air cool down.

Seattle is the least air-conditioned city in the country.  That is because we are used to very mild summer temperatures in the mid 70’s and cool nights.  June is often described as ‘Junuary’, but not this year! Here is a link to an article in Seattle Met that describes what is going on with Seattle and AC.

As you can imagine, lack of AC disproportionately impacts lower income communities.  Because these tend to be in urban areas, they run even hotter.  Cooling stations are being opened, but they don’t help at night or for people who have no choice but to be out in the heat. 

I am privileged to live in an air-conditioned home and have the luxury to manage my time to avoid the heat.  I am a total weather wimp when it comes to hot weather!  And we have a hotter and drier summer in the forecast for 2021.

Climate change is certainly real.

This is the time of year I exercise early in the morning and switch over to iced coffee.  My afternoons are spent in hibernation mode and the books come out or the movie theater beckons.

In addition to my mystery reading list and French books, I recently finished Good Company by Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney. It is a great read about a lifelong friendship and all the pitfalls along the way. I am about to start People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry. It seems like it totally fits the ‘beach read genre’ – nice and light! For something a little meatier, I have The Premonition by Michael Lewis about what went wrong with the governmental pandemic response.  And I just downloaded The Salt Path, a memoir, that is highly recommended by my friend JLQ.

On the screen side, we just finished Occupied on Netflix.  It is a scary series set in Norway about climate change, our dependence on oil and gas and the role Russia can play. We loved it.  We are now immersed in Lupin (also on Netflix) about a French guy exacting vengeance on the powerful people behind his father’s death. 

And going to an air-conditioned movie theater is always a good idea on a hot day!  We saw In the Heights and absolutely loved it.  Lin Manuel Miranda is a genius!  I also have to confess I went to Queen Bees.  It got a whopping 48% on Rotten Tomatoes, but I thought it was a sweet story about it never being too late to find love and I think Ellen Burstyn is amazing.  She is 88 and steals every scene.

Sounds like I will be busy while staying cool this weekend!

So tragic about the condo collapse in Florida! It is hard to believe that could happen in the U.S., but times are changing!

See you on Monday.



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