Keeping a Mask in my Pocket

The COVID 19 mask story continues to confuse!

The World Health Organization is recommending everyone mask up regardless of vaccination status because the Delta variant is a doozy!  L.A. is following suit. CDC continues to say there is no need to wear a mask (except on transit, in health care facilities, in schools, etc.) if you are fully vaccinated, but says local conditions may warrant masking. 

The NYT published a good article describing the conundrum.

Washington state is now fully reopened and masks are no longer required for vaccinated people, except for certain circumstances.  Our state communicable disease epidemiologist is pretty confident that the mRNA vaccines will hold up against the current variants, so no mask recommendations for vaccinated people are planned for now.

Businesses can make their own rules:

  • We had teriyaki take out last night.  The sign on the door read: ‘All staff at Yoko’s Teriyaki have completed the second round of COVID-19 vaccination.  We plan to keep wearing masks for the time being for your safety.  Thank you.’
  • I had my haircut today.  My salon is no longer requiring masks for vaccinated guests as of next week.  My stylist is fully vaccinated but plans on continuing to wear her mask at work.  Her mom is immune compromised and in a care home.  She also knows full well that many unmasked guests won’t be vaccinated!

I also have a conundrum.  I am a blood cancer survivor (almost 5 years).  People being treated for blood cancers haven’t been having a robust response to the vaccine.  That problem exists for a full year post treatment and maybe longer depending on each person’s immune system.  I am considered cured and I THINK my immune system is up to snuff, but I don’t know that for sure.  I have a call into my oncologist to see if he has any specific recommendations for me regarding mask wearing or even a booster dose of a different vaccine before our European travels.

So what is my plan?  I won’t wear a mask around my vaccinated family and friends.  I won’t wear a mask outdoors unless it is very crowded.  Indoors, I will probably keep masking up for now.  Regardless, I will keep a mask in my pocket so I can whip it out whenever!

Have a good weekend and a safe 4th.  We are heading out to the Mariner’s baseball game, our favorite 4th of July activity.



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