Nary a Mask in Sight!

Well, we indulged in ‘America’s Pastime’ on the 4th of July. 

On July 4th, we have had a tradition of attending Seattle Mariners baseball games when there is a home game.  I’m not a big baseball fan, but there is something very Americana for me about going to a ball game on the 4th.

Of course, we missed last year due to the pandemic.  I looked back at last year’s July 4th post and it was all about watching Hamilton on Disney +. 

Washington state just fully reopened last week and this was only the second baseball game where occupancy was no longer limited.  I’m not sure many people got the message however, because it was a pretty sparse crowd compared to previous July 4ths. The capacity of T-Mobile Park (where the Mariner’s play) is over 47,000.  I have no idea what the attendance was on the 4th, but it was nowhere near capacity.

As I was looking at the crowd, I didn’t see a mask on any fan.  I did see a couple of staff wearing masks.  It is kind of an outdoor venue, but kind of not.  But it was very easy to physical distance.  We weren’t within 6 feet of anybody!

While at the game, I like to people watch, drink a little and eat some ballpark food. The entire stadium is cashless, so it is a card or nothing.

We found some margaritas on tap (new to me, but tasty) and I had a salmon sandwich.  My husband had his usual hot dog.

A hot dog at the game beats roast beef at the Ritz.

Humphrey Bogart

I am good until the seventh inning stretch and then it is time to hit the road. But it felt really good to do something ‘normal’ again on a holiday after all these months!

Oh, and the Mariners beat the Texas Rangers 4-1.



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