One and Done?

Not so much! 

I am talking about decluttering.  I did what I thought was a major decluttering process when I retired 3 years ago.  At that time, I vowed I would not allow clutter to accumulate again.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to keep that vow! 

We live in a small house, by choice, with reasonable storage space.   Even so, it is easy for a small house to look cluttered. And I am a ‘cluttery’ person by nature.

It is amazing what can land in any given room in a week (or in 3 years)!

I am back on my decluttering bandwagon this summer.  One of my main clutter spots is our office.  The papers just keep piling up!  I think it will take me a good chunk of time each day to finally hit the bottom of each pile and head to the shredder with bags of papers.

Here are some things I have way too much of:

  • Yarn – since I started knitting, I have found myself with a vast selection of partially used skeins
  • Notecards/cards – I have a drawer full of notecards but I never seem to have the right card for any given occasion
  • Unread books – both on my bookshelves and on my Kindle. Unfortunately, I’m always in the market for a new read
  • Wine – our daughter takes us to great wineries and I always buy a bottle or two.  When I get home, I always think it is ‘too good to drink’ and buy more wine! 
  • Clothes – I have done a fairly rigorous closet clean out, but I am sure there is more that can head out the door. I live in tee shirts and we rarely go anywhere that requires much more than a clean tee and some earrings!

“Your home is living space, not storage space.”

Francine Jay

See you on Friday


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