Empty Beds!

We had our much-loved dog, Yulie, euthanized on Thursday night. She was in multi-system organ failure, so it was time.

We adopted Yulie from the Humane Society back in 2009.  She was probably about 3 at the time and had been a ‘teen mom’.  She was brought there because her owners were moving and had too many dogs. 

They named her Yulie, which was a goofy name.  But somehow, it fit.

She was pretty bedraggled and had bilateral ear infections. We took her to the vet, got her ears cleared up, got her groomed, and she was ours!

We have so many wonderful memories of the little miss.  She used to go for runs with my husband, an activity they both gave up!  Nothing made her happier than a ride in the car; no trip was too short.  If we had an RV, she would have been over the moon. 

My husband took her for two walks a day, rain or shine.  Some of those night walks were in pretty wet and blustery, but he never complained. He called it a labor of love.

She loved being anywhere we were.  She wasn’t terribly well behaved, didn’t like other dogs, and never had any interest in learning how to fetch.  But she wasn’t a barker and would eventually go along with what we wanted her to do.

Her passion in life was mealtime.  She had a sensitive stomach, but she never let that stop her.  She used to spin around before her meals, her dinner dance. And she would go to the moon and back for ONE dried blueberry from Trader Joe’s – her favorite treat!

Toward the end, her ailments became more pronounced.  She was deaf and had cataracts.  Her walks became shorter and shorter.

But she remained feisty and a good eater until the end. 

Fortunately, her passing was peaceful.  Her vet was wonderful and clearly cared a great deal.

For such a little thing, she took up a lot of room in our home (3 beds!), our lives, and most importantly, our hearts. There was never a day she didn’t bring a smile to our face.

‘She was one for the books.  Always a happy little girl.’

Christine, Yulie’s pet sitter



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