Fatal Flaw

When CDC stopped recommending masks for vaccinated people, masks were still recommended for unvaccinated people. 

While that seemed like a reasonable recommendation, it didn’t take into account that many unvaccinated people viewed this as yet another get out of jail free card and ripped their masks off!  

Therein lies the fatal flaw!

I’m not saying all unvaccinated people behaved that way, but I sure don’t see many masks out there these days.

I think most of the masks are being worn indoors by workers required to do so and fully vaccinated people like me.

I think it is a fairly safe assumption that if unvaccinated people had continued to mask up, we probably would not be experiencing the waves of new infections we are now seeing.  Of course, if unvaccinated people had gotten vaccinated, we probably wouldn’t be seeing these waves of new COVID -19 infections either (😊).

Due to the new waves, masks recommendations are coming back online quickly for people regardless of their vaccination status. 

I don’t mind wearing a mask again indoors (and probably should be due to my questionable immune status). I don’t plan on wearing one around my vaccinated family and friends at this point.  I just hope we don’t need to shut things down again.  If we can all go about our business, I am down with wearing masks to help tap down new infections and keep everyone as safe as possible in a pandemic.

Most people have never experienced a pandemic anything like this.  Spanish flu probably came closest. And this is a new virus. 

I think we all just need to be prepared for the fact that we aren’t out of the woods yet and we don’t know what the coronavirus still has in store for us. Life is not yet ‘back to normal’.



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