Managing Risk(hopefully)?

With the Delta variant raging, our activities are all about managing risk.  My hematology clinic confirmed that I am likely somewhat immune compromised so I need to take extra care to not get infected with COVID 19, even though I am fully vaccinated.

I was nervous about being exposed to COVID 19 on our planned trip to Oregon to see our family this past weekend.  We brought our masks along for any indoor action.

Our first stop was Portland to see our daughter, son-in-law (both fully vaccinated), and their labradoodle named Herbie.  As always, our daughter planned a thoughtful OUTDOOR itinerary for us.  We went to the charming town of Carlton and spent some time in two OUTDOOR wine tasting rooms.  Our first stop was Marshall Davis Wines where we tasted some top-notch pinot noir. Our second stop was Pike Road Wines for some more pinot noir (at little more favorable price point).

Our perfect day was capped off with an amazing dinner at Mason’s restaurant in Sherwood.  She knows that we love Italian food and this place was a winner.  We savored melon gazpacho, caprese salad, and tagliatelle con fungi with house made pasta. And we ate OUTDOORS in absolutely perfect weather.

From Portland, we drove along Highway 30 to Clatskanie to see our other daughter, her husband, and three of our grandchildren (4 of the family of 5 are fully vaccinated).  We spent the afternoon OUTDOORS picking blueberries at a local farm and then had pizza in the park for dinner.  We were joined by our grandson’s girlfriend and her brother for a bit. 

We both feel blessed that our very busy grandchildren figure out how to spend time with us.  Our grandson has a fulltime job as a janitor to earn money before he starts his second year of college.  Our granddaughter is working 40+ weeks as a lifeguard at the local pool. We are proud of all our grandchildren and it is such a treat to be able to see any of them, even briefly.

Speaking of our granddaughter, she has received an amazing honor.  The City of Clatskanie is refurbishing their old middle school building.  The old home ec room has been converted into an artists studio, called Studio II.  Our granddaughter was the only high school student chosen to be gifted studio space there and other percs for a full year.  She showed off her new artist’s space and her various projects.  She has real talent and it is great to see her get recognition.

All is all, it was a great weekend.  Am I still nervous about having been exposed to COVID 19?  You bet!  I do hope spending most of our time OUTDOORS made for as safe of a weekend as possible. And we are grateful that the weather cooperated!



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