It’s Back Outdoors!

It is hard to believe that less than a month ago, we were eating at restaurants indoors.  It now seems like a lifetime ago!

With the Delta variant raging across the country, outdoor socializing and outdoor dining are back in full force.  Fortunately, our air quality is decent (as of this moment), so spending time outdoors is doable.  The weather is cooperating too.

Over the past year+, many of our dining spots have pivoted to create outdoor spaces. We had a great outdoor lunch at Mioposto in Seattle earlier this week.  And they require masks for their staff and patrons 😊.   

I am also fortunate to live in a walkable neighborhood. And we have great places for outdoor recreation nearby.

I do enjoy being outside.  I like to eat outdoors when possible.  I have a good set up on our front porch and on our deck. And I am not a gym rat.  For me, exercise means getting outside.

Dr. Fauci is saying that things are going to get worse with Delta and that it is yet to peak. He is estimating up to 200,000 cases per day in the U.S.!

With this reality, I don’t have a choice. For safety’s sake, I really need to stay and play outside.

I sincerely hope we are through the worst of Delta by the time the rains arrive!

In the meantime, I am with Churchill:

“If you’re going through hell, keep going.” 

Winston Churchill

So play outside, mask up indoors, keep going, and have a good weekend.



One thought on “It’s Back Outdoors!

  1. yes, indeed, we are staying home and outside….so many factors at play with new variants and people’s responses and the fact that we are in many ways starting over.


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