Like many of you, I read the recent USA Today opinion about the ‘state of COVID-19’.  It is called a ‘must read’ for a reason! 

It is the TRUE facts and not about politics. Talk about sobering…..

Here is a quick summary:

The 5 truths about the state of COVID:

  1. It is on the upswing
  2. It is easier to get infected by the delta variant
  3. The vaccine is less powerful against delta, but is still lifesaving
  4. Vaccines are going to waste (☹)
  5. Other variants are on the horizon

And here are the 5 truths about how we are going to beat this:

  1. Move past the politics of COVID-19
  2. Get vaccinated
  3. Mask Up
  4. Limit travel (☹)
  5. Avoid crowds when possible

As I read this opinion (and reread it), my optimism took a big hit. 

We are vaccinated, of course.  I am waiting to jump in line for a booster when the FDA approves them for immunocompromised people.  My husband is anxious to get a booster as an older adult.  We always wear masks indoors these days.

It is the TRUTH about limiting travel that probably hit us the hardest (I think we have been in denial).  We have our European trip in the works for later in September.  Neither of us are comfortable making that trip without having our boosters.  And the odds are that we won’t be able to get them with 2 weeks to spare by our departure date.  So we are back at the drawing board for that trip….yet again!

Safe and effective vaccines have been a game-changer, but vaccine resisters and nasty variants are preventing us from declaring a final victory over COVID-19. While we’re encouraged by the trends, we’re sticking to our health-and-safety-first approach with Rick Steves Tours. We’ve decided not to attempt any tours for 2021, focusing all our energies instead on a big return in 2022.

In short, we travelers find ourselves in a kind of holding pattern: Ready to go to Europe, but not quite sure exactly when we should make that leap.

Rick Steves

See you later this week.


P.S. And a shout out to our oldest grandson who got his first dose of vaccine. He was anxious about being vaccinated but the facts prevailed along with our promise not to lecture!


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