Bloom Where You Are Planted

I have always considered that a platitude at best, but bear with me.

Our yoga teacher, Jeni, is an expat living in Gijon, Spain.  She moved earlier this year in the midst of the pandemic.  This move was a long-time dream for her and her husband. 

In her most recent blog post, she talks about spending much of her life ‘waiting for the sun to shine’.  My paraphrasing is that she was always pursuing the next goal or dream and not enjoying the here and now.

I can relate to Jeni’s comments about ‘waiting for the sun to shine’ and always being focused on what comes next.  I can also attest to the value of simplifying our lives.

She loves the simplicity of her new life in Spain and is savoring each moment.  She isn’t driven by the next goal or even what each new day will bring.

Now I would really love to be an expat too, but my health won’t cooperate.  I have been thinking about what I love most about Europe and here it is:

  • Walking around European towns and cities where the centers are pedestrian only
  • People watching
  • Enjoying coffee/cappuccinos/lunch outdoors (en terrasse as the French say)
  • Meals in small restaurants or bistros
  • Local wine
  • Reading up a storm and afternoon naps
  • No mail
  • No schedule

Europe isn’t a possibility until 2022 and I don’t think being an expat is either.

I have been thinking about how good my life is right here and right now.

Yesterday morning I had my tea, read the paper, took a walk and cooled off afterwards on my deck.  While cooling off, I watched an IGTV with my favorite blogger about packing for a road trip 😊.  In the meantime, my husband drives all of 6 minutes to Puget Sound to fish for the pink salmon who come our way every other year.  At times, he even goes twice a day. 

While I can’t replicate all my European favorites, I can read, nap, and spend time outdoors.  And I can certainly enjoy the fish my husband catches 6 minutes from home!

So maybe I can ‘bloom where I’m planted’.



4 thoughts on “Bloom Where You Are Planted

  1. Sure can!! I am grateful for all the opportunities to live a good life despite many challenges. Have fun and continue to bloom💜💜


  2. Well I can definitely attest to the deliciousness of those local fresh fish your husband brings home 😋 I am so glad you are finding contentment (santosha as us yogis would say) right where you are 🌻 Thanks for sharing!


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