3 and done?

Late on Friday, the CDC officially recommended a 3rd dose of COVID 19 vaccine for people who are immunocompromised. I quickly signed up at our local Rite Aid to get vaccinated on Saturday. Of course, their online appointment system wasn’t set up for a 3rd dose appointment yet.

Then I immediately started worrying.  I wasn’t worried about getting the shot; I was worried about getting to get the shot!  I wasn’t sure what I was going to need to do to convince them to immunize me.

My worries were in vain.  It was a breeze and the staff were great. 

I was a little bit worried about a reaction, but so far, a sore arm, slight headache, and little fatigue is all she wrote.  I know that can change quickly

My pharmacist predicts that boosters will be recommended for everyone within a month. He says  there is a lot of vaccine going to waste (☹).  That is a major drawback of multiple dose vials.  Once the vials are opened, they need to be used in a timely manner or discarded.  A leftover dose or two at my Rite Aid doesn’t help a developing country needing vaccine!

On Saturday, the NYT reported the Biden administration is gearing up for boosters in October.  They plan on starting with nursing home patients and health care workers, then moving on to older people who were vaccinated early this year. 

Israel is ahead of us in vaccinated immunocompromised people with a 3rd dose and is already boosting older adults (over 60).  France and Germany aren’t far behind.

Boosters are controversial because so many countries haven’t even been able to start vaccinating their citizens.  And I guess the science that a booster is needed is still in the works. Dr. Fauci says that boosters are inevitable and that this isn’t an either/or situation.  Boosters can be given and vaccine can be shipped to developing countries.

Thoughts on boosters from Moderna:

“Countries will have to decide either to be two months too early or two months too late,” Stéphane Bancel, the chief executive of Moderna, said in an interview on Monday. While the decision is up to public health authorities, he said, “Our recommendation would be to be two months too early because we can save lives and prevent hospitalization.”

The New York Times, August 14,2021

Switching gears, our children need to be vaccinated quickly!  It is heart breaking to hear about unimmunized kids being seriously ill, hospitalized, and in ICU. Those over age 12 can and should be vaccinated now.  I hope that we can complete the necessary safety and efficacy trials to move that age down ASAP.  Until then, the adults in our children’s lives need to step up and get vaccinated to protect them. 



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