The Elephant

Pardon this analogy because I really like elephants! 

But to me, SARS-CoV-2 is like an elephant.  It is big and no one really seems to be able to see all the puzzle pieces.  And I am not sure the entire elephant has even been revealed at this point (another dangerous variant to come?).

I really feel for the scientists who are trying their best to develop guidance and advise elected officials.  I imagine much of the time they must make the call without all the science they would like.  If they wait for all the science to roll in, it might well be too late to act to prevent hospitalizations and death.

An example of that evolving science and changing guidance revolves around masks. 

First, we were told not to wear masks because they were needed for health care workers and they probably wouldn’t help the public.  Masks were recommended to keep infected people from spreading the virus.  The science shifted and we now know that masks protect the wearer and the people they encounter, so everyone was told to mask up.  Along came vaccines and fully vaccinated people were told they didn’t need to wear masks any longer.  And now, with increasing cases and the delta variant, everyone needs put masks back on regardless of vaccination status. Another indoor mask mandate goes back on the books today in Washington state.

I am OK with guidance evolving as new science becomes available, but to much of the public it feels like ‘whiplash’!

I was looking forward to fall with travel back on our agenda.  We also have trips planned for fairly early in 2022. Our fingers are crossed at this point because there may be more elephant….and new guidance….to come.

I came across this somewhat depressing post: Thoughts of Winter 2021 Give Me PTSD! How I am planning for the months ahead.

The author is planning on how best to take care of herself with COVID 19 threatening her ability to get out and about for yet another winter!

Her suggestions include:

  • Shut off media
  • Make a list of things to do
  • Enjoy hobbies
  • Invest time in friends
  • Explore a new interest
  • Exercise
  • Dream
  • Talk it out
  • Change ‘should’ to ‘could’
  • Repeat positive thoughts

News is scary, hospitals are filling up, and people are refusing vaccinations. It’s time to think over how to take care of myself as the days on the calendar march forward. I’m making these preparations and encourage you to consider making them too.

Linda Ward, Mindset

I am not quite ready to make a list quite yet; I guess I am in denial.  But Linda is making some good points.

See you later this week.



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