We Love Louise!

Louise Penny, that is! 

My fellow Louise lovers and I just downloaded her latest book, The Madness of Crowds.  She releases a book about once a year, usually in late summer, and we are always ready to pounce. We love Armand Gamache, the other established characters, and the Canadian settings (Montreal and the fictional Three Pines).

Her last book, All the Devils are Here, inspired us to establish our very small mystery book club last October. We are all avid readers of mystery and a mystery book club made sense to us.  We usually zoom every week to discuss a new book – we are not only avid readers, but we are also fast readers 😊.

Over the past year, we have read several series.  We like mystery series that keep many of the same characters throughout.

So far, we have read (and I may have forgotten some along the way):

For this week, we get to savor the ongoing story of Armand Gamache and the other residents of Three Pines. Our thanks to Louise Penny for never letting us down!  The good news is that she is releasing a book with Hilary Clinton in October, State of Terror, so we don’t have to wait too long 😊.

And in closing, here are some word’s of wisdom from Louise:

“Don’t believe everything you think.”

Louise Penny, A Great Reckoning



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