Our annual neighborhood picnic was last weekend.  Events like these aren’t our strong suit, but neighbors are important, especially in a pandemic!

We aren’t particularly close friends with any of our neighbors.  The neighborhood skews a bit older.  Some younger people are moving in. Not that we are particularly young!

It is a fairly small neighborhood with just over 70 houses.  It is on a golf course, so lots of our neighbors are golfers.  Many are also ‘snowbirds’ who go south when the rains come.

Our neighborhood usually hosts a variety of social events but they have all been on hold due to COVID 19.  There was no picnic last summer. 

I guess you could say we made up for lost time with the picnic this year. 

About 40 people came, which is a pretty good turnout.  The host provided baked ham and drinks and everyone else brought salads or desserts.  I brought my SIL’s BBQ pasta salad which is pretty darn tasty if I do say so myself! 

Our neighbors are the people that we saw the most during the various shutdowns as many of us circled the neighborhood daily to get some exercise. These are also the people that will put our garbage cans out for us or grab our newspaper and put it on the porch. And there are many that we could call in a pinch.  We really do watch out for each other.

Much to our delight, we ended up having a very nice time. 

Love your neighbor as yourself; but don’t take down the fence.

Carl Sandburg

Have a good weekend.



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