Report from the DAWG house!

Our close friends from Montana came our way this past weekend.  We are all fully vaccinated and did a COVID 19 antigen testing ‘protocol’ in advance (Wed morning and Thurs evening) for a little extra insurance. Fortunately, we all tested negative so their trip here was a ‘go’.

Our plan for their short visit was attending a University of Washington Husky game – the first game back in Husky stadium after a 465-day absence.  The Huskies played the University of Montana Grizzlies.  Our friends are BIG Grizzly fans!  It was predicted to be a UW blow out, but the Huskies, aka the DAWGS, blew the blow out big time!  They lost 13-7 and were outplayed and outcoached at every turn.

But that isn’t the point of today’s post. 

It felt absolutely great being back in Husky Stadium

Shadowed by the Cascade Mountains and docked on the shores of Lake Washington, Alaska Airlines Field at Husky Stadium is known far and wide as “The Greatest Setting in College Football,” and provides one of the most unique college football experiences in the country.

My first friend and I are big fans of the Husky mascot.   The dog, Dubs 2, is a malamute and runs out on the field ahead of the players. The experience never fails to give me goosebumps.

The weather was perfect as was the pageantry. As a DAWG fan, the game was not so perfect!

While an outdoor mask mandate goes into effect on Tuesday in King County, masks were a rare sight in the crowded stadium.  I was disappointed that more people didn’t mask up. And looking at the crowd, I’m not sure that vaccine uptake was necessarily very high.  We wore masks the entire game and I am very relieved that I had my third dose of vaccine! 

And just one more complaint (😊), beer and wine are now sold in the stadium.  I don’t think that is a great plan for college football games.  It is one thing to get drunk before a game (as many of us did back in the day), but another thing to get drunk during the game.  It does nothing to improve behavior, not to mention a lot of beer being spilled everywhere, including on people.  Not exactly a family friendly atmosphere!

All that aside, we had a great time with our friends as always. I am happy we were able to gather and spend some time at a college football game.  How normal is that!



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