The 4th Quarter

This past weekend was my 50th high school reunion.  I chose not to go because I am high risk, COVID phobic, and not comfortable in (unmasked) crowds.

One of my friends sent me the reunion group photo and I thought, ‘Holy @#$%!  These people are old!’.  Oops, ‘old’ also applies to me (according to my husband)!

I happen to think my close friends look terrific (see post photo), but some were hard to find in the reunion photo😊!

As one of my pals said to me, “I hate feeling younger than I look”!

As you may have picked up from my previous posts, I am anti-ageist.

I am also not really a big fan of this 91-year-old actor/writer/director, but I do appreciate his ‘credo’:

Don’t Let the Old Man In

Clint Eastwood

While I agree with his sentiment, it can be a tough one to follow as health issues (and a pandemic) take more of center stage in my life.

Anne Lamott talks about embracing life in her ‘third third’.  In Maria Shriver’s latest Sunday Paper, she talks about her ‘fourth quarter.’

Since it is football season, I am going with Team Maria.  Any way you slice it, I am in my fourth quarter, which I am arbitrarily calling 68-90.  Maybe I will get to play in overtime, but I am not necessarily going to count on it.

So, I continue to think about how I want to spend my 4th quarter.  I think it is important to end the quarter with a touch down or with at least some points on the board.

It’s always good to end a home series on a high note.

Shikhar Dhawan



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