IMO=in my opinion

Our yoga teacher (JM) uses readings and poems to ‘ground’ our practice at the start of each class.  One book she has used a couple of times is Deepak Chopra’s The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success.

To be perfectly honest, I never get past the first law of Pure Potentiality.  To experience this law:

  • Take time each day to be silent, to connect with your spirit, to just Be
  • Commune with nature
  • And here it comes…. Practice nonjudgement!

I am quite a prolific ‘judger’.  And it is something that I have noticed in myself and find very difficult to change.

The process of learning to suspend our judgement about other people and situations can be a particularly arduous one because we have so much training to overcome. 

Elaine St. James, Inner Simplicity, 1995

I was raised by a critical parent and now when I feel like I am being criticized or judged or someone I care about is, it feels like chalk on the blackboard.  I am very sensitive to it and quickly find myself avoiding that person or circumstance.

Since the critical parent apple didn’t fall far from the tree, I am very sure my husband and our daughter have also felt unnecessarily judged and unduly criticized over the years.  Please consider this post the start of a long overdue apology and a promise to do better (😊)!

Unfortunately, being critical and judging seems to increase with age for some people, myself included. But, as Elaine also says:

Once we see how often we subtly dismiss others because they don’t live up to our standards, we can slowly start to let go of our judgements and get back to trying to figure out what we came here to do.  And then get on with it.

Elaine St. James

So IMO, it is better for me to stay in my own swim lane.



6 thoughts on “IMO

  1. Great to be reminded of Deepak’s book. Thank you for the shout out also! Dr Dhaval Dhru, the Ayurvedic practitioner at Three Trees Yoga always says we have to challenge our system from time to time. Whether it’s eating junk food or falling into judgment we can see it as another opportunity to practice something different the next time. Hugs!


  2. I love this post, I relate to it sooo much! I am also a recovering “judger”. And even though I try to release the inclination to judge others, it’s even harder to not judge myself!! We are always a work in progress, and that’s ok.❤ Hugs 🤗


  3. I also try not to judge. It is difficult in this situation with Covid. I see people not complying with the laws and I’m infuriated. I’ll try to work on this good advice 😊


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