Easy Peasy

I was a nervous wreck!  We were prepared for our long overdue trip to British Columbia, we hoped.  I put all the required information into the Travel Canada website and had our COVID test results and vaccine documents ready for action.

We arrived at the border and we were the only people in line.  The Canadian border agent couldn’t have been nicer and complimented me on my organizational skills 😊.  It was the quickest crossing we have ever experienced!

Since I didn’t know how long the crossing process was going to be, I reserved a room for us at the Tsawwassen Coast Hotel.  The hotel has just been renovated and it is lovely.  We both recommend it. The room is well designed and we even have an outdoor patio.  No complaints at all!

We were very happy to find one of our favorite drug stores nearby, Shoppers Drug Mart.  I also found an independent bookstore so I could pick up some Can Lit: The Winter Wives.

After we did some minimal exploring, we came back to the hotel to relax.  I enjoyed some BC wine: Quail’s Gate Chasselas/Pino Gris/Pinot Blanc, which was excellent.

We found a very good Greek restaurant, Alpha, for dinner.  The service was excellent and the food was good.  We needed to produce our proof of vaccination, along with our ID, to be seated.  They had a great outdoor set up and the night was lovely.

Tomorrow we take the ferry from Tsawwassen to Swartz Bay on Vancouver Island.  We will drive down to Victoria, B.C. from there and I am sure there will be lots more to report.

The world needs more Canada.

Barak Obama, former U.S. President, 5 years ago



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