October is my favorite month.  I love the weather (when it isn’t raining ☹) – clear skies, crisp air, the fall colors.

Speaking of colors, according to ‘Color Me Beautiful’, my best colors are autumn colors.  So, I wear my favorite colors all year around.

October is also a kaleidoscope of events with both good and sad memories. 

Forgive me if I start the month in late September:

  • September 28 – our wedding anniversary
  • October 2 – my mom and my mother-in-law both died (different years)
  • October 4 – our daughter was born
  • October 5 – my husband’s birthday and my parent’s wedding anniversary
  • October 12 – my first friend’s birthday, along with our son-in-law’s
  • October 13 – another son-in-law’s birthday
  • October 30 – my dad died

To commemorate all these October events, I wear an opal ring all month long (pictured above).  Opals are the birthstone for October.

I always like to look up the ‘properties’ of the stones I wear.  Opals are a goldmine in that regard. But the property I am focusing on this October is:

In physical healing, the Opal Stone is believed to be flushed with health. This gem can help to treat infections and lower fevers along with boosting the immune system. Sounds like a good bet with COVID-19 still in the mix!

One of the ways I am honoring my favorite month is by going ‘forest bathing’ with my first friend later this week to celebrate her October birthday. We always have a lot of memories to share.

I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.

L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables


Happy Birthday to our darling daughter!


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