No Time to Die

We went to a movie today, No Time to Die.  It is the latest James Bond pic.

We have a low bar when it comes to James Bond movies.  We just go to them and always find them entertaining.  This one is a bit on the long side and is pretty dark from start to finish.  There isn’t much of the James Bond “wit” in evidence.  But we both liked it.

We like going to the Cinemark Theaters on Ruston Way in Tacoma. It is in a new development along the Tacoma waterfront, called Point Ruston. Point Ruston was built on the site of the old Asarco smelter which closed in 1986, leaving arsenic and lead contamination.

But back to the theater….the seats are deluxe and the popcorn isn’t bad.  I do love assigned seating and everyone wearing masks (other than for popcorn munching😊).

As always, there were tons of previews before the movie started.  I am sad to report that none of them, other than House of Gucci, were very appealing.  What’s not to like about a movie with Lady Gaga and Adam Driver!

But, the bottom line for us is that we like going to movies. Our daughters grew up going to movies on both Thanksgiving and Christmas day.

Since we both retired, we have often gone to one film a week.  Since the pandemic, missing movies in the theater has been one of the biggest challenges for us, other than not traveling.  We have made it to a few films since the pandemic began, but we haven’t kept pace with our usual movie going routine. 

It felt like a real treat to go to a movie.  It reminded me that is yet another thing not to take for granted!

Why is it that people who can’t take advice always insist on giving it?

James Bond (Daniel Craig), Casino Royale, 2006

And closing with our favorite quote:

A Martini, Shaken, Not Stirred

James Bond (Sean Connery and every other James Bond since), Dr. No, 1962



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