Gold friends

I had the honor of being invited to join one of my friends and her ‘gold’ friends for breakfast on Sunday.  ‘Gold friends’ are the ‘keep the old friends’ crowd.

This group all grew up together in North Dakota.  Since I am from Montana, it was a pretty easy merge for the morning.

My friend recently retired and she has teamed up with her high school crew for an amazing 2-month road trip! They regaled me with some stories about their adventures and inevitable misadventures.

They started in North Dakota and then spent some time in Montana.  They braved the Going to the Sun highway in Glacier twice – I happen to find that a pretty scary road!  They drove into northern Idaho and then to Coeur d’ Alene before crossing into Washington.  

While in Washington, they spent time in Spokane, on the Olympic Peninsula, in and around Olympia, Tacoma, etc.  After breakfast, they were driving to Chelan via Leavenworth (for the second time) and then doing the North Cascades loop. I’m sure I missed a number of stops.  

In the next week or so they head to Oregon.  I think they plan to wrap up their journey in early November, hopefully before the snow flies!

It is clear they have had an amazing time exploring new territory and eating some great food. They are loving our fall colors.  One of them lives in Wisconsin, so that is high praise from a Midwesterner that knows fall colors firsthand!

What is also clear is that their memories from this trip, and others they have taken together, serve to further cement their longstanding friendship. 

Breakfast with them felt like being with my gold friends.  The laughter is always the best part!

We’ll be friends until we are old and senile and then we will be new best friends!




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