Too Many Tees!

I am a bit of a tee shirt fanatic.  If you don’t believe me, see today’s photo or, failing that, ask my husband. 

I have short sleeve and long sleeve tees.  I usually have multiple colors of the same style.  I tend to run hot, so tees work for me year around.  I also love color and like to be comfortable, so (multiple) tees seem to fit the bill.

I read Maria Shriver’s Sunday Paper this week and it got me thinking about my tee obsession.  I’m a Lands End fan and the tees I have from them are made in Peru.  I find that kind of interesting.  I am not sure if the tees come by container ship or not, but they might and are likely part of the supply chain mess.

I think everyone agrees that we have a supply chain mess.  And like Maria, it has made me (finally) think about what I really need.

One of my challenges has always been patience. 

While patience is a virtue, it doesn’t happen to be one of mine. And being able to get something quickly from Amazon just feeds that inpatient streak in me.  My husband keeps saying, ‘no more Amazon’.  And he isn’t wrong!

Happier isn’t better than happy. More isn’t better than less. And being impatient is definitely not better than patience. As you rush out into your work and into your life this week, think about how you might go slowly instead. Think about happy versus happier. Think about need versus want. And think about the peace that we all crave in our lives and in our world right now.

Maria Shriver, October 17, 2021

I would venture to say that I don’t need another tee in any other color for a VERY LONG TIME! I actually can’t think of anything else I really need either. 


P.S. If you aren’t getting Maria Shriver’s free Sunday Paper, I think it is worth subscribing. She doesn’t always hit it out of the ballpark, but she does often enough for me. My thanks to DK for sending it my way.


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