State of Terror

My mystery book club friends are big Louise Penny fans.  When we heard about the collaboration, between Louise Penny and Hillary Rodham Clinton (HRC), we synchronized our calendars to pounce when State of Terror was released.

We discussed it last week and all agreed it left us in a State of TERROR!  I read a fair amount of political thrillers, que Gabriel Allon books by Daniel Silva.  I know Daniel Silva does meticulous research but HRC wrote a book about a Secretary of State and she was a Secretary of State! Nothing beats on the job experience 😊. 

We all liked the book and definitely recommend it.  Some of the scenarios seem pretty farfetched, but it is (supposedly) fiction. Louise Penny is a great author and we all enjoyed the ‘Three Pines’ cameos that appeared throughout.

That being said, it is an unsettling read! 

Here is a link to an NPR clip about the book that might be of interest: Why Hillary Clinton wanted to write a political thriller.

I’m not going to include any plot spoilers in this post, but I am going to include a few things that I thought were worth noting.

Clinique Aromatics Elixir:

This is the fragrance worn by the lead character and that comes up throughout the book.  This fragrance was released by Clinique back in 1971.  That is the year I graduated from high school, so I decided to give it a try.  I sprayed some on my wrist and got a huge perfume headache immediately.  It is a strong scent.  Unfortunately, the scent penetrated my coat, so I have a lasting memory.  No offense to any of you who wear this scent, but it is not for me.


A glass (or bottle) of chardonnay makes a regular appearance.  I am down with that!

So, pour yourself a glass, grab the book, and be prepared for TERROR!

And remember:

Don’t believe everything you think!

Robert Fulghum



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